World Background

The Mists keep all moving as the story is told. Don’t fall behind or get too far ahead for if the Mists should touch you, a bloody death awaits. Only a fool would die though as the Mists crawl at such a slow pace, always taking an inch but giving an inch back as well.

A sign that the gods will you to keep moving, some cry aloud. Shun those who build to settle, those same people say. Many believe in these teachings, and those that believe in it most strongly call themselves Vagarists and practice the religion of Vagarism. The Vagarists abhor settlements, but particularly large cities, thinking them as defiance against their god.

Many people camp and travel constantly to keep ahead of the mists. Settlements are still built however as sometimes the way of life can be much easier than being constantly on the move. As such, there are many small to medium sized villages and towns scattered here and there. Enough work is put in to live comfortably, but not well enough so that it is not too hard to abandon when those who’ve settled invariably must move again to stay ahead of the Mists.

There are several large cities that dot the lands though. Truly magnificent pieces of work, they command the attention of many as travellers continue to move through the world. Some visit to gather supplies and move on. Some linger to take a rest or to earn some coin before moving on. And some, while resting or earning coin, might end up finding themselves staying.

The Merchant’s Guild is established in all major cities and towns. However, trade is conducted with smaller settlements as well, particularly those that are more conveniently found on the way from one larger town/city to another.

Magic is not uncommon, but the price is quite high should you wish to hire the services of one with such skill.

Technology is at your typical fantasy level with no gunpowder to be found.

World Background

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